Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Boost Your Creativity Able To Compete In Your Life

Maybe you are having a bad mood or a more cramped on your circumstances everyday so you are not able to nurture your creativity. Infertility creativity should not be your experience if you can figure out how to increase your creativity so you can compete in a positive sense of self-esteem that can make you better. Below we will try to explain some of how to increase your creativity.

- You could try listening to soft music or classical music works of Sebastian bach, or you can listen to the sound of the Koran for Islam or listening - Islamic songs. For other people I think have hymns or at least we are able to do yoga exercises. Take your time to do this. More precisely if you do the above if you are in a state of quiet and tried to blend with nature. It is usually better done in the middle of the night because of the time it is a lonely time.

- Form or find a discussion group to brainstorm (discussion to solve the problem by listening to various opinions). If you are brainstorming the right way it will be a lot of ideas that emerged as a solution so that you avoid bad mood. Make it so your ideas actually do not just be an idea that did not take place.
- If you are not able to or do not have time to brainstorm, then you can bring a laptop or ipad even if you do not have either of these items then you should carry a small notebook and a pencil or pen. If at the time you walk and find a new idea then you would note in a notebook that you carry. Having collected some ideas that you think is brilliant then you can re-read your notes so that you can determine the best idea to do.

- If you can not immediately find a brilliant idea then you should look for a dictionary of words and search one by one by the letter exists, but that does not mean you read those words from alphabet A to Z. Simply you are looking for words that you think is interesting and good, and can be done by finding a word or a few words at the join so it has another interesting meaning.

- State your problem in writing media like microsoft word on a computer or word processing software on the iPad and little notes in your notebook. Make your problem as detailed as possible to find the point of the problem so that creative ideas and positive can come this is one way to increase your creativity.

- If you are not able to pour your ideas quickly or else you can not afford to think that you should leave your place now and just get around by way of a walk or exercise in your home environment, but if not you may be able to take a walk to place further and allows you to refresh your brain. Experts say that the move to change the place or brain cells so you can be fresh again.

- Avoid watching TV too often because by JPB Creative Laboratory studies that watching TV causes your brain can not help thinking that these ideas will not be present.
- Avoid the use of illegal drugs or drug though most drug users said that the drugs the mind becomes calm, but if it is done on an ongoing basis it will damage your health and especially the health damaging your mind.

- Read a book that is positive so it will gather a lot of information so that it will also contribute a lot to give birth to ideas.
- Try to discuss with people who are qualified in their respective field of science so that you are able to follow at least you have the mindset of its own after notice or understand how the other person thinks you are.
Hopefully presentation on how to enhance your creativity. Congratulations work with our article on how to improve your creativity

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