Sunday, November 10, 2013

Holland : You know the place where you can walk on or under water?

The Halsteren Moses Bridge in the Netherlands , achieves a unique optical effect by separating two bodies of water .

Halsteren . It is no coincidence that he baptized as Moses Bridge . Starting literally two waters has not been this biblical character who has managed to break a channel of the Dutch town of Halsteren , but the architects RO & AD Architect.

The aim of this unique architecture was to unite the two sides that are separated by a body of water that surrounds the fortress Fort de Roovere , seventeenth century . Therefore, it was essential that the work does not break the beautiful landscape of vegetation which should install.

The Moses Bridge architects were clear that the best idea was to draw a bridge under the water level so that the items fit into a perfect embodiment and the material chosen for its construction was ( how could it be otherwise be surrounded by green and leafy trees ), wood .

A Accoya wood that 's been specially treated , waterproof and protects the bridge from wear brought to bear by the stream , in addition safeguard you from fungi that had reduced their life in years.

From a distance , the optical effect is unique. Up close, an unforgettable experience that will be able to boast of having walked on or under water, as you prefer tell.

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